Kamal Raja ft. Dr Zeus – L.A.M


After the smash hit of his second single “UFFF”, Kamal RAJA offers a new version of his talent with “L.A.M” which is to remind us that not only he can be a romantic guy but that he can be someone else… guess who?

Three capital letters “L.A.M” which sound like a gang signature. It is a short and enigmatic title as are usually Kamal RAJA‘s songs titles. Everything in this single is different from what Kamal RAJA has been doing up to now. It is a complete change in his dress style, his body language, his music and his lyrics. It is no wonder when one knows that Dr Zeus composed the music. It is a magnetic There is no lull and everything goes fast. Kamal RAJA sings in English and the story unfolds in Punjabi with a more than ever mesmerizing voice.
New codes are set : love is no more synonymous with tenderness and trust but is used as a device. Gazing at the other is also a means to reveal his inner thoughts and avoid being trapped. In this world nothing is perfect. The whole video clip is shot like an action movie with bad guys and good guys. The action and the music keep the same fast and furious pace.

The promotional music video of “L.A.M” is to be released from June 8, 2012, by producer BOLLYWOOD ZONE.

Kamal RAJA is a puzzling singer and for sure his future projects should be as astounding and surprising as he is himself.