Kamal Raja

Kamal Raja was born in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), to a Pakistani father and a Mongolian mother. Kamal Raja started his career at the age of 12, without any musical background he decided to do demos and recorded a few tracks. With his first demo CD, he went to several record labels in Belgium and Germany, but due to conflicts of interest he could not sign with them.

In 2010, Chevy Gill founded CJ Records, which released Kamal Raja’s UK debut single “Teri Chaal ft Jasz Gill”, a single that quickly reached sufficient initial curiosity on various UK Asian radio and television channels. Not only this, the single managed to get on number one of the official XChart list of FunX Radio, rated by public demand for a few months. However in the late 2010 due to managerial issues, he decided to withdraw from the company.

In January 2011, Kamal Raja released his debut super hit single “No Clue ft Salah Edin” that quickly reached all big TV channels and radio stations, such as B4U Music, Zing TV, Sony Television, Brit Asia, DM Digital, Sunrise Radio, FunX Radio & Punjab Raj FM.