There isn’t much he remembers. Born to immigrant parents on July 29, 1985, Kaly almost didn’t make it into this world. Given his name by a former flame for his naturally smooth tone of voice, Kaly is known more now for his raw, gritty vocals and uncompromising lyrics. It is this combination of grittiness and intelligence that has brought Kaly to the forefront of all of his peers, but also that which has proved to be the basis of his difficulties in the industry.
After several false starts and numerous broken promises that led to an abrupt departure from writing, Kaly has decided to take matters into his own hands with the release of his debut album “The Flight”. Completely self-financed and created over the course of a year that saw Kaly at his absolute lowest point, “The Flight” stands as a testament to Kaly’s struggle to overcome negativity and his dedication to being a voice for all those who dare to go after their dreams. No longer waiting on others for their approval of his dream, Kaly has reinvented himself and vowed to make everyone who ever doubted him choke on their words. There isn’t much he forgets.