Kaly Wants to be ‘Famous’

Kaly has released the video for his second single “Famous” and perhaps this video will bring him a new level of fame! “Famous” can be found on Kaly’s EP The Flight.

In his press release, Kaly says “Creating ‘bangers’ doesn’t come that easy to me, so I never approach a track thinking ‘sh*t I need to make one the crowd can dance to’, in this case it was all about the feeling I got while my man Kou was crafting the beat. I wanted people to know that I really want this, that I’ve put everything into my goal of making a name for myself, and I don’t want to be famous just so I can be on the red carpet with models and sh*t, I want to be famous because I want to effect change, and you can do that the easiest when you have a following. It’s something I think people can relate to.”

Check out the video and let us know what you think of Kaly’s new video.