Kaly “She Loves Me” EP

Kaly “She Loves Me” EP Releasing 2.12.13

Kaly - She Loves Me (Release IMG)

There isn’t much he remembers. Born to immigrant parents on July 29, 1985, Kaly almost didn’t make it into this world. Surviving his mother’s umbilical cord choking him, he was welcomed into a modest one-bedroom apartment furnished only with a toaster, a black and white television, and a mattress on the floor. Though much of the rest of this time is forgotten, it is these humble surroundings that have shaped the artist who has come to be known as Kaly.

Only a few short months since his previous release “Rebel With A Cause”, Kaly preps the release of his third EP, “She Loves Me”. Showing a very different side than his previous efforts, fans will be surprised by the subject matter that Kaly tackles in this short four-track EP.

Based on a true story, Kaly is at his most vulnerable as he takes the listener through meeting the girl of his dreams, summoning his courage to approach her, and eventually spending eight hours with her on a Saturday night.

What happens next, we won’t give away; we hope you’ll join us on this incredible journey.

Check out Kaly’s personal introduction to the project on his Facebook.

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