Ka$h ‘Epiphany’ is Out Now!



KA$H released his fourth studio album today – titled Epiphany. Epiphany is Ka$h’s fourth studio album is out now and it features artists like – RiSK, A-B-E, DUBWORK, Young Henson,and  Eddie Davis. Ka$h put in a lot of time and energy into this album and it’s his best work yet! 

This 19-track album is his best work yet. Ka$h decided to go all-out with this one and made sure it was a hit. His talent is showcased in ways that most 15 year olds aren’t even thinking about. When I was 15, I played with friends and watched way too much TV and sports. And WWE was like the Holy Grail. Ka$h just showed the world what a 15 year old should really be doing, following his dreams! His way of playing with friends means recording a dope song in a beautiful recording studio. His way of watching TV & sports is shooting a new music video, and then watching it on his big screen TV with his pals. As long as Ka$h continues to follow his dreams and works hard to achieve them, this west coast Desi rapper is bound to hit the billboard top 10 list in no time! How do I know? Because with hard work and belief comes success in numbers. So, we, at DesiHipHop.com applaud young Ka$h for doing what he’s doing, and you can be sure that we will do everything we can to make his dreams come true!


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