Jus Reign’s depiction of Punjabi DJ Khaled will make you laugh your butt off!


This is DJ Khaled on Snapchat. I have no idea how much Dove soap had to pay him to show his naked self to the world, buuut he did it and now the world can’t un-see Khaled’s massive tummy.

Wait, here’s…. Another One…


Keep in mind that this is a 40 year old man rubbing lotion and soap on himself on snapchat, in front of his millions of followers.

Nah, he’s not retarded. He’s just got some screws lose, that’s all.

But, for real, watch this compilation of DJ Khaled Snapchats first. It will lay down the context for the hilarious Jus Reign video right after.

Got it? Good.

Here’s Jus Reign’s depiction of Punjabi DJ Khaled. I tip my hat off to you, sir. You’ve done an amazing job of capturing Khaled’s retardedness, and turned him into a hilarious Punjabi character!

Watch Jus Reign Roast DJ Khaled!

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