“Bandz A Make Her Dance” by Juicy J Decoded!


“Bandz A Make Her Dance” has been smashing the club floors and Juicy J sat down with Hova’s Life + Time series “Decoded” to unravel the meaning behind the song.

“Very inspirational song though. You know what I’m saying, cause if you walk in the club and “Bandz A Make Her Dance” comes on you get so inspired to throw all of your money,” says Juice. “It was made in a two bedroom apartment, I was in this chick’s apartment getting high and I just had this idea for ‘Bandz A Make her Dance,’ but I didn’t have the beat yet. So later on that night me and Crazy Mike were recording songs on his hundred dollar microphone, then Mike Will texts me and said he’s sending beats over”

“It took me about an hour and a half to make the song, I released it on Twtiter and it went crazy.”

Check out Life+Time’s “Decoded” with Juicy J below