Need a Hip-Hop Music Video?

The way we consume content, music & knowledge is fundamentally changing at an exponential pace. Technology is creating a generation of ‘Digital Consumers’, just ask the music industry. From buying records, to mail-order CDs, to digital downloads – the whole game has changed. These days, to be an artist means one needs to create a brand of themselves by themselves and generate a lot of buz, long before anyone major takes notice.   The best way to create a buzz is through music videos, which lucky for you, don’t always have to be big-money productions in the Hip-Hop world.  If your music is good, an honest video will do all the talking (and walking)!

Meet JD Productions, a turn-key music video production house focused on Hip-Hop videos based out of Mumbai by none other than Joel D’Souza (JD) of Mumbai’s Finest!  JD Productions is quick to take advantage of this burgeoning Hip-Hop scene in India and have stepped up to offer full service music production for all the aspiring Hip-Hop artists in India and abroad!  Check out their recent video, “Earthquake” for Gangis Khan!!