Jay Deala is ‘Serious’ with Kat Eyez

Jay Deala is taking things to a different mode with his new single “Serious.” The song features Kat Eyez making this a proper Canadian collaboration. “Serious” is Jay Deala’s sophomore single which follows-up his last release “Summer.”

“Serious” has been produced by Phantom Beats. The song is described as a “track [that] makes speakers pound and bones rattle with its deafening extra heavy bass and powerful sharp kicks. This track also showcases a harmonious orchestra string section melody.”

The two boys are seen riding in their limo surrounded by plenty of sexy ladies! That is not all we see though, Jay Deala takes us into the studio to show us the hard work that goes into making a track.

In his press release, Jay says the video is highlighted by “The message conveyed… it’s not all fun and games and that it takes hard work and dedication to obtain goals and ultimately reap rewards. “