‘Jalali Set’ Sets Fire with Intense Bangla Rap

‘Jalali Set’ is a new Hip Hop crew from the streets of Dhaka City. The rappers involved are MC Mugz, Shafayat, Double S, and Shadhu. If anyone knows anything about ‘Bangladesh Hip Hop’, they know MC Mugz, and his right hand man Double S. Mugz was part of one of the first Hip Hop crews to rise up from the streets of Dhaka – Deshi MCs – since then, he’s done lots of work with numerous other artists and rappers. MC Mugz is so well respected that as soon as this track dropped on Planet Hip Hop 101.6 yesterday, the video went viral and Hip Hop heads in Bangladesh started sharing it like it was the holy grail!

The track can be expressed with one word. Dope. I’m a little biased when it comes to this song mainly because I worked with MC Mugz on numerous occassions, but regardless of my bias, no one can deny that these guys broke out some real hip hop with a true meaning. The rappers tell a story of the political unrest faced by Bangladeshis in recent years, and gives light to the struggles faced by the ‘common people’ of the country. And they do that amazingly over a dope desi beat which fusions classic boom-bap with one of the most well known classical instruments in the region – Ektara. If that’s not real Hip Hop, I don’t know what is. Without further ado, click play below and check out what the hype is all about.

Jalali Set – Sura Target

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Directed by: MC Mugz and Artistic Motion (Shift Haq and Ridwanul Kabir)
Camera : Shift Haq & Ridwanul Kabir
Edited by Artistic Motion
Produced by: Artistic Motion

Artists : JALALI SET (MC Mugz| SHAFAYAT| Double S| Shadhu)