Video Premiere – Alfaaz | J19 Squad

J19 Squad is a hip hop crew from Jodhpur Rajasthan. They make a strong comeback with ‘Alfaaz‘ after their previous release ‘Matlab Nahin‘. J19 Squad consists of 2 people ‘Young H‘ & ‘PK Nimbark‘ They also dropped their version of Panda remix in the summer and it was very entertaining. J19 is a relatively new crew trying to leave a mark in the already overpopulated Desi Rap Game also I am not aware of any happening artists from Rajasthan and this might be the first crew I came across from that territory.

j19 squad video premiere alfaaz

In order for anyone to make an impact in the forever growing entertaining industry, artist start treating their music like products. I have been around in the industry for a substantial time and I completely agree with that approach but it is striking of the balance between treating like a track and a product which sets artists apart. J19 is although a relatively new entrant in the scene but have successfully found that balance. The content is highly motivational and shows the determination of the crew to spread a meaningful message. For someone who likes flows there are quite a few varieties present in the track and that is what makes the track bumpier and grimier. The producer did justice to the track and I love the big sound they are trying to achieve. The composition is on point and the chorus of the track steals the show. There is a clear presence of a sense of healthy competition between both the emcees and it seems to be bringing out the best in both of them.

Alfaaz comes along with a pretty neatly made video and it conveys the message clearly. However such videos would have made a bigger impact in 2009-2010 when it was difficult for independent artists to make arrangements themselves for a video due to financial limitations or non-availability of resources. We now have artists shooting videos on I-Phones and rented DSLR’s which are readily available and not very expensive as well. However I am pretty sure J19 will be upgrading their production quality in the time to come and will stand out in their league.

Overall it is refreshing to see crews aspiring to pursue Hip-Hop without faking their origins and being themselves. Check it out right here :