It’s All About NAEZY Baby!

It’s All About NAEZY Baby!


Let us tell you all about Naved Shaikh, who is popularly kown as Naezy. This rapper based out of Mumbai impressed everyone with his tracks likeAafat! andRaaste Kathin, if you haven’t heard them yet you must check them out! His flawless and high paced flow topped with multies will blow your mind. Starting as an underground artist, his talent got him a fabulous opportunity to work for a Bollywood song called ‘Birju‘, the music video of this song featured legendary and sensational actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranveer Singh and so on.


As a little kid, Naezy used to dance to the beats played by DJs in his gully (street) in functions like marriages and birthdays. One day he bumped into the track ‘Temperature‘ by Sean Paul which highly impressed him; he mugged up the lyrics of the song and amazed his schoolmates and friends with that. This was the time he realized about his unique flow and got into this genre. He digged artists like Lil Wayne, Drake and many other artists who were into trap music. Soon he made a crew with his friends from Khalsa College who shared the same interest and named it ‘The Schizophrenics’. They researched a lot about hip-hop with the help of internet and also followed all eminent artists like Rakim, Tupac, Kendrik Lamar, Hopsin and many more.

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In his initial days he had no support from his family or the society, he was treated as an outcaste. But he worked hard and made his tracks and shot its videos using his iPad and it did create quite a stir. Indian society has always been the same as family and acquaintances never really support their kids much who try making a mark in a field out of their interest, but Neazy never gave up and raps at his own expenses which he earns out of his rapping. Though his pocket money is stopped he lives and spends out of his own caliber.

His family was shocked after seeing his verses being lip-synced by top-notched actors in the track ‘Birju’. He made it so far with all his hard work and dedication for the genre. Here’s the message he got for upcoming rappers which he exclusively gave to

Upcoming rappers are not coming up because most of them are lost, don’t know what to write, what to say, speak or how to spit, have no ideas, no originality, no theories, less knowledge but their loved ones keep them elevated. They want to quickly become Rappers, they be forcing themselves and fantasizing about making a Rap career. The love for Hip-Hop is understandable but one shouldn’t risk their career. Hip-Hop is growing fast and it should grow but in a proper way. I think, I’ve influenced enough “Bongis” who’ll ruin the scene and I’ll try to stop them with my next single.”- Naezy

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