Preet – Issey Kehte Hain HipHop! What is Real HipHop?


So we just saw in the mainstream world, an artist who is known with many names but calls himself Yo Yo Honey Singh dropped a music video called Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop. One thing is clear this is probably his answer to all the questions have been raised by the hip hop world, especially the underground. We heard it and pretty much the words are true in there yet you can’t establish hip hop on a track, it’s a culture. Issey Kehte Hain HipHop starts with YO! YO! Honey Singh walking around like 2 Chainz wearing the latest gear (as in sneakers, apron-style shirt with marijuana leaves on it and some sort of hand gestures I am not able to register what so ever). His lyrics are honest as I mentioned earlier but the beat’s basic, sounded much like a west coast rip-off. Lil Golu surprises me negatively because from his name to his words are ridiculous. There’s no revolution in music, its music not Cuba plus music always improves and evolves itself and by that we mean improvement, progress not telling people that you don’t wear your shirt for seven days and still its hip hop. That cracked me up. The video is still well produced and there’s good reference to hip hop especially in the desi manner with the tractor and mithaai (indian sweets). Yet, more than that, it’s nothing special and has nothing new or evolving in nature to offer.  Honestly, keeping a fancy name having a white background and another fancy funny new rapper (I hardly believe Lil Golu is or will be something substantial) is just copying the west and obviously they are original so people with funny names survive there, yet not really the same case in Bollywood. See before anyone could even think of rap Bohemia was big, today he’s a living legend. End of Story. preet boh haji Coming to Bohemia, now that we are talking hip hop and that too desi hip hop which is still experimenting in many ways, Boh’s new collabo with Haji Springer and Pree Mayall shows us all. New Punjabi which are sick as anything. They grow on you Pree Mayall repsresenting that west coast in Punjabi. Some hot stuff right here. Then comes Haji Springer’s killer bars with obviously his music in the background which reminds me of trap like Romeo reminds me of Juliet, brilliant beat. It’s magical. There’s the right the amount of ladies in the picture as well not just a hoard of chicks hired for the sake of a music video. I mean I can always open other websites for that. ;) Then comes bohemia. Damn! This man kills it again, new style new bars new way delivering it all. He’s keeping up with the coast and keeping desi hip hop alive more than ever. This gentleman keeps getting better at what he does. Punjabi Rap and Bohemia are directly proportional, in my opinion. No bullsh!t, no fake jewellery, no inappropriate symbols and logos just simple rap, good music and in turn great hip hop. He mesmerizes for 57 seconds in there and blows one away. In short, this track grows on you! I hope like us the readers will also be enlightened by this article as to how to define hip hop and not confine it to material and stereotypical trends. Because, hip hop aint a phase or a trend yet a feeling that remains for time immemorial. Desi Hip Hop for life.