Introduce Yourself – Battlefield (Vol.2)


Here we have a quick summation of Introduce Yourself – Battlefield (Vol. 2) hosted by Prabh Deep

The event was organised at The Founders Cafe on the 29th of last month. The event has it’s share of people of attending it and seems that it was fun. MC Kode Won this event and Yadi from Chandigarh was Runner’s up in the competition between emcees. Ananyam was the winner of the beatbox battle and Arx was the Runner’s up.

introduce yourself battlefield vol 2

The event went down great and was filled with good vibes. People from all disciplines were present, they had B-boys, emcees , poppers , dj’s & producers. It seems like a family more than a gathering. Various enthusiast’s from the capital’s underground scene were present and made their presence felt.

The highlight of the meet up was the battle in which Kode killed his opponent.

Dj Runin gave his best sounds and kept the vibe up for everyone.

introduce yourself mc kode winner battlefield vol 2

Prabh Deep was happy and told the following : “My objective of this jam is, i want every hip hop head enjoy for at least one day in two months, meet each other and teach each other. That’s what went down on 29th Nov. The day was memorable!!

Kudos to Prabh Deep for putting together this event.