Interview with King ND about upcoming song Confession


We at Desi Hip Hop had a small conversation with King ND about his upcoming track Confession. We asked him a few questions about the song, You can all check it out below & what King ND has to say about the track, his expectations from this song. Everything you need to know about Confession & King ND.

confession king nd dj vivek

1- What is Confession song all about ?

The name says it all. Everybody has somethings that they have never spoken about. The track Confession is me talking about my dark past. The bitter parts of life that everyone goes through but aren’t comfortable to talk about . Confession is a journey through bad times which portrays betrayal and realization. All my life I’ve been dealing with a lot of fake people who I always stayed true with. This track is where I’ve confessed to all those people telling them what I actually think of them. It’s a track where I’ve spoken about the time when I was hospitalised and felt like my end was near. It’s a track where I’ve spoken about all the expectations that we have from our so-called friends who weren’t there with us when we were lost. It’s about that one person who you thought was special but turned out to be nothing but the cause of depression. In my dark hour the people who stood by me was my family and some close friends who I call brothers. Confession is the reality of the people who were around me. It’s less about me and more about them.

2- You came after a long gap in the Underground Hip Hop scene. Where were you & what were you planning in all that time ?

Yes, it’s been almost a year since I took out an original solo track. Sometimes life makes us so busy that it becomes hard to do what keeps us happy. I didn’t have much time for music but that never stopped me from writing. Apart from being an aspiring Rapper I’m also a Businessman so I have to balance both parts. Another reason for not putting out any content lately is because I don’t know why I usually fall into the wrong circle of artists that delay a project so much that in the end it just breaks apart. I would like to say to all the artists that when it comes to music especially collaborations you have to take it on a serious note and if you are planning to work with me then please deliver on time or don’t come this way. In the last 8 months I’ve written over 12 tracks and have also recorded 4 of them. Right now I’m just trying to take out time to complete those tracks and put it out.

3- What are your hopes for this song, how you think audience will react to it ?

Frankly speaking I really don’t know how it’s going to do. All I can say is that I’ve written this from my heart. This track had to cross many hurdles before completion. We have been cooking this from june 2015 so you can imagine all speed bumps. I changed the lyrics thrice cause I always felt something was missing and due to that reason we had to change the music multiple times. After the audio was finalized we shot the video in April 2016. We had planned on a different theme for the video but due to some permission problem we were asked to leave the spot. We later moved on to an indoor studio. Everybody goes through a lot in their lives and if we have shared the same hurdles then I’m sure those people will relate to this track. In the end there are no punch lines just simple story telling and if you are into it then I’m sure you’ll like it.


Dj Viv3k