Influenza & Unknown Mizery – Infected Mizery #MizoMondays

This week’s #MizoMondays is Infectious, to say the least! I couldn’t stop bobbin’ my head the entire time this song was playing through my headphones. It’s a nice collaborative work, and both artists repped their movement hard. Unknown Mizery and his compadre – Influenza – stayed true to their old-school brand of Hip Hop, and killed it like pros. As a DJ, I really enjoyed the hooks in this song – it kicks major ass!

Check it out below, and share your thoughts with us.

Watch ‘Infected Mizery’ – #MizoMondays

Mizo is currently amping up to go off on a Europe tour that will touch almost all of the major stops all over Europe. His crew – Babylon Warchild – is a group of talented artists from numerous corners of the world. It’s exciting to see more music from Mizo every Monday with #MizoMondays, because I dig his old school style a lot and he really brings back memories of Hip Hop’s golden years.

Check out Unknown Mizery here, and learn more about his Europe tour right here.

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