Indian Rap Forum Presents ‘One Mic’

Calling all rappers and producers! Are you an untapped talent looking for recognition and perhaps your big break? Well, Indian Rap Forum is providing you with a platform to do just this!

Indian Rap Forum in association with, Life and Death Productions, and Hip Hop in India is hosting a tournament in which rappers and producers fight for the top spot.

In Round 1 rappers will be presented with a beat which will be the basis of an original track composed of two verses. Round 2 will feature eight of the greatest contenders and they will proceed to compose yet another track for another provided beat. Round 3 leaves us with four acts with the similar task.

Producers play a slightly different game. The producers will go through just one round of competition in which they must create a full length production.

Rappers and producers get your game faces on and may the best act succeed! Get all the details on Indian Rap Forum’s Facebook page here.