Indian Hip Hop Dancers Make The Country Proud


fictitious group snv crew world hip hop dance competition

Have you ever wondered if the true hiphop culture really existed in raw conditions like the Step Up series, out in the streets, alleys and backyards? An example is the Kings Eleven group, which was brought together by a famous choreographer, Suresh Mukund. It is his life story and his bragging victory in San Diego, on which the movie ABCD 2 was made. Suresh along with Vernon Monteiro headed a dance group called Fictitious Group (SNV CREW). They performed in L.A. in 2012, After his group dismantled, he just didn’t find it in himself to go on. That was when a group of people pushed him to be a part of the World Hip-Hop Dance Competition.

With backing from Varun Dhawan, he set out to prepare a new group of 8 boys. Six were newbies and two were from the old group. He polished these raw gems within a period of 3 weeks. From practicing day in and day out in a leaky backyard to having flights cancelled and everything in between, these guys had the brunt of almost every obstacle that could be thrown their way. Yet, they made it to San Diego! In the first round, Suresh wanted to go in for Desi hip-hop. Adding in Tollywood moves and thumkas, he took a major risk, but made a perfect cocktail of indo-western hip-hop dance. The judges loved it and this group made their special place in the competition.

In the semifinals, they finished fourth. At every step of the way, they decided to throw in some Indian moves. It was what set them apart from the crowds. Their dance highlighted the beauty of Indian traditional dance moves and transfused the spicy essence of Indian flavors. At this stage they defeated the defending champions from Canada, who finished fifth. Moving their way up, this group soon won the bronze medal at an International platform for India. They then left to party in Las Vegas. A well deserved I think!