Indira Weis‘ and ‘Bhangra Brothers’ collab on a feature project, “Indian Electro Pop”, an unusual mix of a European, Punjabi, Hip-Hop fused with some Electro Pop and produced by the brothers themselves.

German super star Indira Weis discovered the Bhangra Brothers on the german market and signed them on the spot. The half German and half Indian actress and singer Indira Weis who has worked in many German films, television shows and was even awarded trendsetter of the year, was related to a half German and half Pakistani former US5 singer Jay Khan.

Last year the two brothers Wiki and Gurinder debuted their career with ‘Sun Baliye’, which was produced by RDB, and hit the number 1 spots in music charts across UK, Canada and Australia. They are now back with Indira Weis to unleash a brand new exciting sound with Indian Electro Pop an interesting collaboration that brings together a crazy European sound fusing Punjabi lyrics, with a dubstep beat!

The song also promotes a social message about the Indian-Pakistani conflict, a heavy issue, which they tried to transport by a party message, as the hook says in the end “Tonight we gonna party punjabi style, come on maharaja give me a smile… Indian or Pakistani, let us forget about the fight”. It was important for Indira feat. Bhangra Brothers to leave a message that celebrating together in peace is a good way to bring people together, and even those which are in fight with each other.

Speaking about the new track, the duo said: “We’re very excited about this project and sure that all of our fans are going to love this brand new fusion of sound. We feel honored to have been given the chance to work with Indira Weis, and are sure that she is certainly going to get people talking in the Punjabi scene.”

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