India: Tiny Drops Hip Hop

Slumgods pt II from tahska on Vimeo.

Tiny Drops Hip Hop Community Center
New Delhi & Mumbai

Tiny Drops is space for youth in the neighborhood to practice, learn and innovate on hip hop dance & culture.

Attracting a fierce crew of 8-18 year old youth from the community, with a determination to break dance inspired by internet videos & viral media. Tiny drops offers a base from which youth can cultivate a solid foundation of the art form;
organize with each other to create artist collectives; and develop identities and styles to present within the larger hip hop scene.

Tiny Drops is a safe, communal space led by mentors committed to serving as positive role models; engaging youth with respect and love, encouraging them to finish school and pursue meaningful work; and providing them with moral support and resources to help make their dreams come true.