Ik Duni Do featuring Guru & Lucky

Kru172 member Lucky and Desi Beam member Guru came up with a brand new song “Ik Duni Do” after a long span of time. While another member of Kru172, The Nottotune produced the music of this song.

Kru172 and Desi Beam members can often scene collaboration songs because they are the members of One Commission. 2-Shades is also a part of One Commission.

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Ik Duni Do

[youtube id=”m539GhFFuXc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Follow the Artists!

Guru: https://www.facebook.com/GuruDesiBeamID
Lucky: https://www.facebook.com/Lucky.Kru172
Music By: Nottotune (https://www.facebook.com/nottotune)
Video By: Prithvi Chahal (https://www.facebook.com/prithvi.chahal)