I AM – Ashwin Caez – New Delhi Rap

I AM – Ashwin Caez – New Delhi Rap

Written & Performed by – Ashwin Caez
Produced by – Riyaaz Records
Mastered by – Chahat Arora

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/caezashwin

It’s Ashwin Caez
I talk about rap music
I talk about gettin’ high
Now, I’mma talk talk about me n my allies
Yea…. Shout out to Riyaaz records
Shout out to the beats by TAzzz
I am
Not a musician,I’m a dreamer with the flow,
Though ain’t an amateur but tryna earn some dough,
I’m like 20, it ain’t an easy game dats the thing I know,
Der’s a scope of happiness,i get when i hail on my low,
This is my supremacy I ain’t wait over mouth for the
words to go,
All the amateur of this game, u better go fly like UFO,
Or else I’mma cum on ur face & I bet dat’d be white
as snow,
I wish I could throw some rap on a live television show,
I go high as dope cuz I put all devotion to the tracks of
Put my mind in Science,But the thing I don’t like is the motion of To & Fro,
Ain’t gonna replace my shoes unless smthin’ get stuck to
my toe,
With this game me n my shoes gettin’ rubbed on this
Listen to my words I ain’t gonna ask any favor to owe,
Just stick to the beat ,I’mma spit all my bars in a row….

Ehi jedi chaah baki c
likhni ae bars 16 hr beat ch poori he
Dat kinda guy I am
My nights can’t afford me for a nap
I don’t give a back
Dat kinda guy I am
Verse 2
Gotta friend….not a friend I’guess a nigga I can say,
He respects his rhymes more than his ‘doremon’ face bae,
Only guy with similar interest as mine to share,
Don’t know what kinda jerk ass he’s tryna be these days,,
Either he is adverse or just jealous I can say,,
I respect his words dat kinda enough to feel dismay
Though how bad he’s in consoling with rhymes, I ain’t gonna hate em no way,,,
Since I’m bound not to be profane, datz why ur butt is spared safe to you
Bro, lemme know how are you,
Radium Bag, Radium shoe,,,, yea mayn,,,um talkin’ about you
Don’t be noxius, be the kinda nigga the game look up to
Greet me wearin’ that turban, keep the obfuscation to eschew
Don’t take it as a bidding, i already got hate free people on my crew
I’ve been through lot prime one with you, datz why I chose to rhyme on you

“Chorus: Repeat
For Now,
Der’s only silence on my lips, I’mma ans. those bullyin’ n criticism through my clips,
I’mma make a castle with my own rap bricks,
Dunno why they ask me the meaning of caez,
It’s a version of my caste,try to ask me in the days of high,
& i bet dat could be the reason for ur demise,
But i cursed them, smacked them
keep it generic, Don’t be personal in the lyrics,
These are the words by my critic,
But i stay realistic, bit analytic
My words rhyme magnetic,
It’s gonna be granitic,
Becuz u can’t muzzle a born maverick,
Chosen by the game, I’mma keep it real, it ain’t a matter of disguise,,
Maynn,,,I ain’t gonna pretend as a rapper on strivin’ days,,
I wish i could smack all my haters in a single punch as a moral piece of advise,,
Next i’mma give my best to make the act decriminalize,,
Since the verse is gettin’ longer, cya in ma next flow, Till then a Lot of Goodbyes.

“Chorus: Repeat