HWMC | Bridging The Gap Between the West &the East

At DesiHipHop.com, we have watched numerous videos over the years. Most are great works of art, some are ‘iffy’, and the rest made us click the browser back button as fast as we possibly could! But this video that we ran into deserves some respect. It is a collaboration between a Hip Hop group in the United States, and another Hip Hop group in South Asia. You’re like, “What’s so special, we’ve seen videos shot all across the globe, from France, to LA, to India,” right? Well, yeah, that’s true. But this video was a collaboration across the seas from the beginning to the end. Two production companies, two recording studios, two Hip Hop groups, two of everything, half of which was in New York, the other half in Bangladesh. And that sort of globalization deserves some respect!

“We were in New York, they were in Dhaka. And obviously it was complicated, but it worked out.” – BanGGully, Director

Blazin Annex, New York

‘Blazin Annex’ is a crew out of New York, and they have been reppin’ their city for years now! They released numerous singles and a couple of albums over the years and continues to bring on his ‘A’ game with every track. The group first got heard with their first album, ‘The Takeover’, which released all over Bangladesh. That was followed by their second studio album, ‘Bump Your Stereo’, in 2009. Since then, the group released solo songs, albums, projects, and a variety of musical endeavors.

Watch Blazin Annex & Green Coast – HWMC

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Green Coast, Bangladesh

This is what I love about Hip Hop. It brings people together. BanGGully, the director behind the entire video, mentioned, “We were in New York, they were in Dhaka. And obviously it was complicated, but it worked out.” BanGGully went on to say,”The most difficult part was being a director for them in Bangladesh, while I was in New York. We had to send them five-page essays on Facebook to get what we wanted!” When Dee Corter, the sound engineer of Blazin Annex, was asked about how all of this came together, he said,”I met them in Bangladesh, and they came up to me and asked me what it would take to work with them. And I said, if you’re good, and if we like what you do, let’s get to work!” To see more behind the scenes footage, interviews with the artists, and get all the information you need, check out the video below.

Meet the artists behind this collaboration

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