“Being 20 years of age with a BSC in marketing degree does not mean a single thing to me, because when I wake up every day I think about music and nothing more or less.All I think about is the melody and the different things I could do to make me sound better. Music is the best way I express myself and the best way people find the most about me. It’s something that I breathe into my body that gives me life, it is something that defines me and my every emotion. Music is my life.”

“My music career started off being a vocalist for a band with group friends from high school. Since then I have done several talent shows and performed in various cultural events, but what really made me a bigger musician was family, friends and the great state of Florida. The genre I have dedicated my focus towards is rap/hip-hop and RnB, I am currently working towards my album along with various music videos and hope to share much more with the world.”

“What I really want to do with my music is to pass important messages and to challenge a person’s way of thinking across the Southeast Asia region and the world. I want to speak the truth and include meanings to my songs that people could relate to and talk about later. If only I can change the thinking of people towards honesty, Junoon and prosperity, I would believe that I have done well. My music is like my medication for the dying souls and faith in the system. It sometime feels like I am trying to fill gaps with words while giving back smiles to those who haven’t experienced happiness yet in this life.”