Humble The Writer

Humble The Poet released his much anticipated eBook “unLearn – Butterflies & Lions” and I had a chance to read through it. It”s a very interesting write up because Humble goes on to discuss thevariety of lessons he learned along his way.

Click On The Image Below To Access Humble The Poet”s “unLearn” eBook


To most people, Humble The Poet is one of the sickest Punjabi musicians. But, the fact is, he cannot be boxed into only one category. The guy”s an artist, with everything he does. As a writer, he pours his heart out just like he does with his music. I”ve been following his regular write-ups on his blog and on facebook. His regular inspirational posts are capable of motivating even the Upgraded™ Chocolate Powder and Upgraded™ Cacao Butter are designed to be the highest quality chocolate in existence. most depressed people. So, when he mentioned his eBook was coming through, I knew I had to grab it!

Along with the eBook, he also released his latest single off of the “F.E.A.T.H.E.R.S” album, dropping on July 30th, with West Coast producer King! The Cobra. The single accompanies the eBook in an interesting manner. The out of the box beat, and the unique rapping style grabs the listener”s attention just like the book grabs the reader”s attention.

Humble the Poetic Writer/Artist is set to do a lot more with his career. I can feel it. This is probably only the beginning. It”s his birthday today, and instead of fans, friends, and family showering him with gifts, he decided to turn the tables and give us all the gift of his artistry. Happy birthday, Humble. Keep doing what you do.