Humble The Poet’s Album & Book “unLearn”

The man with, arguably, the best beard in Hip Hop – Humble The Poet – is a man on a mission! His mission is to make his dreams come true, but as a unified effort with all of his fans. He’s working onreleasing his debut album, and his book, both titled ‘unLearn’. His digital ebook is already out, and I had a chance to read it. All I have is one word to describe it – Exceptional! It’s full of positive words of wisdom, motivational chapters, and tid bits from his life. When it comes out in hard cover, I will gladly add it to my library.



Humble’s a man of the people, and this shows through all of his work. Whether it’s an new single, or an ebook, or even on Facebook/Twitter, he does his best to stay connected to his fans and supporters. I suppose Humble is actually humble, who would have thought that, right? “I enjoy creating, because it allows me to connect with things and people around me. As an artist, I exist soley because of you, my supporters, and the support you’ve provided me with over the past 5 years. I’m excited to create my debut album, and publish my first book with you along for the ride.” said Humble The Poet about his current projects. For a better understanding of what he’s up to, check out the video below, and be sure to share it!

Watch this Promo video about Humble The Poet’s unLearn projects

[youtube id=”f2artYPiSuA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you click on his Indiegogo link from the video, you will end up in his fund raising page. It’s full of incentives for fans to work with. Fans have the opportunity to get exclusive singles from his ‘F.E.A.T.H.E.R.S’ mixtape to Skype dates to even a private performance! After successes with his singles and mixtapes in previous years, Humble the Poet is ready to take the leap to an album. One that will make the mark, and really make a difference. And the beauty about his work is that it proves that Hip Hop is an art that everyone can be a part of. The age old boundaries and limitations people place on just about anything needs to be broken, and Humble’s doing just that by breaking away from the stereotypes. He’s the real man of the people, and if you like what you see and hear, go ahead and support the artist. You will not be disappointed!

“This is a moment for me to create a project with the support of the people who want to see that project come to life. No poli-tricks, no BS of corporate schemes, just a strengthened connection & relationship between myself & the people that most support me.” – Humble The Poet