Humble The Poet’s “Trophies” Remix #WeTheNorth will make you stand up!


Humble the Poet‘s latest release pays homage to his beloved team of Toronto Raptors. I’m the wrong person to talk to about basketball, but, I am the right person regarding Hip Hop! 

Humble did justice to this awesome Drake song with his own personal touch, and his trademark Humble the Poet style of rapping. It’s sometimes difficult for artists to make remixes that do justice to the original song, and at times, it’s even more difficult to make something better than the original version. But, Humble’s flow goes so well with the beat that the Canadian-Desi rapper will win you over very fast. Heck, he even made me a Raptors fan with the kick ass video. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Humble The Poet – #WeTheNorth