Humble the Poet Featured in Rolling Stone India

Humble the Poet is a Canadian Hip-Hop artist with a lot of local support. As Humble’s music is reaching the masses, media is paying more and more attention. Today, Humble the Poet finds himself featured by in Rolling Stone India and our hats go off to Humble for making incredible strides!

In his interview with Rolling Stone, Humble speaks extensively about his Punjabi roots and how that is the foundation in all he does. “I held on to the fact that I am Punjabi tightly and chose my appearance to make a statement accordingly. And it really affects me, about what all happens in the world around me. I always have a comment to make whether it’s about the social crisis of modern-day Punjab, the honor killings, farmer’s debt, the 1984 riots…” Humble tells Rolling Stone.

Featured in an Indian publication, the conversation then turned to being an N.R.I. (non-resident Indian). Humble the Poet says, “Religion and curating our culture is more important to us living overseas. When I started rhyming in my early years, people would ask me why I am trying to be a black guy by rapping. My only answer is, ‘Did you know everything in the Guru Granth Sahib rhymes?’”

As Humble remembers his early Hip-Hop days at open mic nights and finding himself as an artist, Humble is a true inspiration of artists of any genre around the world! Big up to Humble the Poet for taking the Desi Hip-Hop movement to a whole new level.