Humble The Poet’s ‘Baagi Music’ Hits MTV Iggy

Humble the Poet is a Canadian rapper who has been catching the attention of plenty of people on the Desi music scene. With a bit of love from media and plenty more from fans, Humble has hit a new milestone in his career as the music video for his song “Baagi Music” has been featured on MTV Iggy!

Excited about the feature, the song’s producer Sikh Knowledge tells “WE’RE ON MTV!!!No, not MTV Desi, or MTV Turban, or Queer TV, or mobile MTV, or MTV Pakistan……….but the legit capitalist kaa kaa MTV :)”

“Baagi Music” not only has great lyrics and a fun production, it features plenty of Canadian acts. AK, a comedian, makes the first cameo. As the video goes on we see B Magic, Sikh Knowledge, Jus Reign, and Babbu. The video is a Canadian family affair making this news exciting for each featured personality.

Desi Hip-Hop is a movement and everyone’s paying attention! Congratulations to Humble the Poet and all the acts featured on “Baagi Music.”