Humble The Poet & SuperWoman keeps it real in #LEH


Humble The Poet is a genius! And, this genius hooked up with the comedic genius – YouTube sensation, Superwoman – to create a brainchild, #LEH, that’s as dope as Humble’s beard. Maybe slightly doper than his beard.

#LEH is the perfect example of how we all need to stop messin’ with superficial fake sh!t, and bring it back to the Real!

The artists use the song to talk about our superficial world, and brings it back to the real. That’s what makes this song stand out from all of the rest! The artists start off with a bunch of stereotypical features of a Hip Hop music video. But then it get’s awesome when they tear it all apart and throw away all of their blings, jewelry, fake models, rented cars, and the whole shindig. They bring it back to the real sh!t and explains the importance of keepin’ it real. The song’s a must watch, it even got featured on BuzzFeed!

humblepsinghI’m proud that we created a track that not only is very catchy and danceable, but also promotes a message that there’s a lot of things we do and value that are just completely ridiculous. All of us have had #LEH-worthy moments, and this song lightly pokes fun at that, but also encourages people to simply be themselves and be around the people that allow that.

– Humble The Poet

#LEH – Humble The Poet, Superwoman