Honey Singh’s Indias Raw Star Auditions

raw615We all know by now that Star Plus and Honey Singh have teamed up to create Indias Raw Star – a platform to find the ultimate performing artist who, with an unconventional and original style, can bring in a visual experience to music. Honey Singh is looking for an artist who can go beyond only singing and create a distinct style of music, irrespective of his/her singing language or music genre. Yo Yo Honey Singh, will be a mentor-judge-friend to the budding Raw Stars, and will himself conduct India’s first ever digital only auditions. Interested participants need to upload their audition videos through our website or mobile app to submit their entry, to get a chance to be a part of India’s Raw Star. Check out the video below for details to enter:

OK, so the real point of this article was to go see what kind of artists were putting up HipHop auditions to Indias Raw Star…check out some of the super memorable ones we found and YOU be the judge!

GuRu Bhai & Manny Rapper

Tribute to “The Rap King” – Yo Yo Singing King


Aa Bhi Ja

aditya kaushal

siMMi singhhh

MC Amaze – 4 Years in 4 Minutes

Free Style – MK the Rapper For Indias RawStar