Sunny Leone gets wet with Honey Singh in latest Music Video “Chaar Botal Vodka” | Ragini MMS 2

If you’ve seen Ragini MMS (the first one), you either saw it to see a mediocre copy of Paranormal Activity, or for the intimate scenes, the half-naked college co-eds, or the (kind of) sexy girls mingling with the dumb guys. Wait, it was actually a horror movie and not a porno from MOFOs, right? But, if that’s the case, why is a porn star – Sunny Leone – in the sequel? Okay, I’m all confused now between horror flicks and bad porno, but I’m not here to write about movies – I’m here to talk about the beats, the lyrics, and the music! Although… Sunny Leone looks h… Nah, back to the music.

In preparation for Ragini MMS 2 to drop, Honey Singh collaborated with the producers to bring us a much anticipated song. The video features Sunny Leone, and it looks pretty hot. Over the years, we (men) kind of expect sizzling hot stuff from Sunny Leone in all the videos she co-stars in (ahem), but this one seems pretty cool. With scenes of her getting wet in the rain, to dancing in the club with Honey Singh, all mixed in with a nice Hip Hop beat makes a dope mainstream Hip Hop song that’ll get you bobbin’ your head and feeling the music in no time! This is a must have song when you go out with friends or get together with the boys for the weekend. Check it out, let us know what you think.

Chaar Botal Vodka – Yo Yo Honey Singh, Sunny Leone | Ragini MMS 2