Honey Singh is going to make contemporary music!


honey singh bipolar contemporary music

Honey Singh said the following in his most recent interview “I am bringing back street hiphop again. The whole music scene here is urban and international, as compared to 10 years ago when it was dominated by Bollywood music.

We recently covered Honey Singh in and as “Zorawar“. I personally thought he was busy in the shooting of the same movie for the past 1-2 years but his most recent interview can actually make you feel sympathetic towards him. He brushed of all rumors and confessed the actual reasons for his absence. Following the trajectory of many artists such as Kurt Cobain who used drugs and alcohol to cope up with the pressures of stardom Honey Singh also confessed that he had been drowning himself in alcohol and was also going through Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by periods of depression and periods of elevated mood. The Janta Rockstar who has played gigs in front of audience which have been 20,000 in number said that he was having a tough time facing just three to four people including his family members. He was having difficulty in coping up with life as no treatment was working on him, all hope seemed lost until he switched the doctor for the fourth time and his treatment was compatible to his health.

honey singh contemporary music honey singh contemporary music

On a lighter note he also says that he is now going to be making CONTEMPORARY MUSIC as he has made enough Dance music WAIT WHAT !! wasn’t that one of the biggest reasons why the Bollywood music became so dance floor oriented in the first place. This contradicts what he just said at the beginning of the article. It will be definitely interesting to see what he perceives about street hiphop after “Issey kehtey hain hip-hop” in which he says that he will be getting a Grammy. I hope none of this reincarnation is due to side effects of any treatment but none the less we give props to him for coming out and talking about his personal trials and tribulations. We are happy for his recovery but will reserve our views for his future music until the time is right which will obviously be when the music comes out.