KRS-One Unites The World with 14 Rappers From 14 Countries in 1 Song

#Unity Through #HipHop

#HIPHOPISHIPHOP is a worldwide Hip Hop movement as well as a project with representative rappers from 14 countries and Korea’s best DJs, b-boys, graffiti artists, and beat boxers that have come together just for hip hop. The rappers include Korea’s San E, Finland’s Redrama, Italy’s Strike The Head; Bosnia’s Frenkie; Singapore’s Pendekar; India’s Adx; Portugal’s Valete; Wales’ Mr Phormula; Indonesia’s Yacko; and Bangladesh’s SadmAnn. Last but not least, legendary artist KRS-One referred to as the ‘Hip Hop Philosopher’, also participated. He particularly stated and expressed support that this movement is aligned with his personal direction in music, further attracting attention to the project. The idea behind this song is truly what Hip Hop means to us at The true nature of Hip Hop’s ability to bring people together is our motto – #Unity Through #HipHop – and it’s great to see legends like KRS-One living up to that.


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South Asians Represented by SadmAnn & ADX

South Asia and Desi Hip Hop was represented by ADX in India, and SadmAnn from the crew ‘Green Coast’ in Bangladesh. SadmAnn is a rapper with a flow that’s catchy, and caught our attention with numerous releases he has made in the on SadmAnn’s crew – Green Coast – is about to drop a number of new music videos and hot new singles this year, and they are a talented crew that we’re looking out for. It’s definitely nice to see South Asia represented in this world wide song – which further proves that the Desi Hip Hop industry is on the rise!

Korean producing team High Flies’ Scary P and Doplamingo participated in #HIPHOPISHIPHOP‘s producing and beat making. As much as rappers from around the world have taken part, the listeners can hear the diverse beat changes. With the track starting with KRS-One’s voice, San E’s rap and kick bass leads the overall flow of the track. This beat suddenly changes with KRS-One’s ad-libs, changing the vibe to a heavy and hard core hip hop one. Next, Korean beatboxer J-COP’s rhythmical and old school beatbox is joined in with various sound effects and graffiti sounds, mixing in all of hip hop’s different factors. After, DJ IT’s scratch is combined with a brass sound-added boom bap beat. Lastly, KRS-One’s rap comes in, acting as the finale for this big Hip Hop project.

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The music video also is a special point to the project as it shows the different cultures of the rappers in it. In San E’s part, the setting is Gwanghwamun Square, Pyramid graphics for Egyptian rapper Deeb’s part, and graphic ornaments were used for USA’s KRS-One’s part.

The Artists Involved

Like the above examples, director Keekanz organized the individual clips collected by each rapper in a consistent matter, adding color and relevant animation effects fit for each clip. At the end, the viewers can see the graffiti work form JINSBH’s, Korea’s representative 1.5 generation graffiti artist at the ending credits for the music video.

About the project, Adx says “#HipHopIsHipHop means No Boundaries, No Borders, No Restrictions, It means Coming Closer, Uniting cultures through Music, through HipHop.”

Lastly, #HIPHOPISHIPHOP follows the good intention from ‘We Are The World’(1985) and “We Are The World 25 For Haiti”(2010) and will be donating all profits from this movement to UNICEF in order to contribute to better education for children in developing countries

Now it’s time for the world to respond to this united Hip Hop artists’ movement.