HipHop Tamizha

Hiphop Tamizha

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hiphop 001

The song deals with the life of two persons.

the first one is selvi, who happens to be a girl from a rich family. Shedoes not have a mom and his dad does not spend enough time with her. There is no care showed on her and hence she gets acquainted with the wrong friends and falls in love with the wrong person. She gets addicted to Alcohol and one day she sleeps with her boyfriend just to hear from the doctor that she has aids.
so the first verse ends by saying, Selvi who is just 16 years old closes her eyes and prays to god while the video shows her burning.

The second person is saravanan who comes from a poor background. His dad is a drunkard and his mom goes out with other guys for money. Saravanan grows up in such a hostile situation and slowly befriends the rogue guys in his locality. He starts with robbery , and does his first murder when he is 14. His friend finally turns him over to the enemies and they murder saravanan. Just before the last stab, he closes his eyes and prays to god and asks why everything has to end when he is just 16.
The hook of the song literally translates into “Dear God, Please grant me a wish. Im just a kid who is 16”
The music video ends with a fact from UNICEF and a message from Adhi that says ” LETS START SHARING AND CARING “