HipHop Goes Global, Major Brands Use HipHop To Target The Indian Market

HipHop is global and major brands like Adidas and Halls are tapping into Mumbai’s burgeoning HipHop audience. Reminiscent of the 80’s in America with fresh rhymes, fresh paint, fresh kicks and fancy footwork – major brands recognize the ability of HipHop to carry a message and influence the younger generations. This also gives rise to an entire economy providing talented emcees, bboys, DJ’s and graffiti artists an opportunity to showcase their talent outside of low-grade youtube videos.

Check out the Adidas campaign #unitealloriginals showcasing bboys, graffiti artists, poppers and skaters to encourage “unity” and “originality” through their brand:

And here is Hall’s campaign “Saans Le, Udaan Le” literally translating to “Take a Breath, Take a Leap”. Lyrics written and recorded by Microphon3, a local hiphop artist, this campaign takes a bboy going to a competition who is unsure of himself and ends up killing it on the dance floor after eating a Halls!