Wu Tang Clan & Lazarus on Tour in the UK; Single Droppin Soon!


Needless to say, Laz has earned his respect in the rap circuit by being one of the consistent emcees in the game. Consistent in terms of quality output and songs as well. And this time he's back with another one in the history books. Lazarus confirmed via social media that he is collaborating with the legendary Wu Tang Clan! The veteran emcee even gave us some glimpses from the studio. And not just a collaboration, he just performed with the Wu Tang Clan in London

DHH Exclusive: Haji Springer On Desi Hip-Hop & “Dava”!

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Haji Springer has been one of the most influential personas in Desi Hip-Hop.  He has been a heavy contributor to the global Desi Rap community. He has uplifted not only himself, but a whole lot of personas along the way to his freedom as an artiste. This time with his solo album "Dava" he promises that he will be a force to be reckoned with. The album and its songs speak for itself!