Before you say you know what Hip Hop is, please get “Hip Hop Educated!”

Hip Hop is NOT a Trend!

hiphop Originality is something today’s world lacks in every shape or form. We love to remix the old sh!t. Whether in business or in music. But in hip hop, every other person who is managing to bring their struggle into question is getting some attention. People are listening to that and appreciating it on a personal level because they can somewhere, somehow relate to it. However there are many artists today that claim that they are rappers and are “hip hop” altogether but Desi Hip Hop wouldn’t really agree with them. See, saying a few words in your song that refers to alcohol and rhymes is definitely not hip hop, that’s just some rhyming words (sometimes not even that) you see written on the back of trucks in our desi culture. I mean if these mainstream artists who consider hip hop a toy to play with and a phase and a trend, they are gravely mistaken. It’s a feeling and feelings never go, they remain, but people eventually die.



The whole of Bollywood somehow now wants to rap. As Bohemia reminds us how he brought Kali Denali in the picture in 2006 and the whole industry somewhat had some problem with it. Then when he produced stuff for Akshay Kumar couple of big musicians in Bollywood has their reservations but we still see how he stirred the whole idea of Rap in the industry and now everyone wants to be hip hop where we all know who really is. Even today Kali Denali and stuff that followed according to its roots still gives that feeling of hip hop not the new stuff that every other ‘singer’ wants to portray and call it rap. They should totally give that crap a wrap. There’s no lyrical stance there’s no mood there’s no goose bumps.

A Worldwide Phenomena 

Believe you me, even today, 17 years after Tupac’s death, his song “Only God Can Judge Me” shakes my soul, let alone give me Hip_Hop_by_K_RiM_Startimes2goosebumps. Now that’s hip hop, not what they define it as. It’s simply not a phase and its disrespect to the whole genre to consider it so. If this whole phenomenon was just limited to just being a phase, it wouldn’t have existed in New York, California, the whole of US for past 3 decades or so and still going strong. It also wouldn’t be a genre performed and celebrated by people all over the world Europe to Africa to Asia. This is some education that needs to be told to the music industry in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other countries who are trying to confine Hip hop into a box, make money and then later throw that box away. It just doesn’t work that way. But the beauty of it is, that even today the best of hip hop starts from just a pen and paper. If you have the mind and have seen some reality which you portray to the world got the wisdom you are in. And Desi Hip Hop is with you. Real recognize real.

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The Mic is on Your Court

And if there are some real street poets out there they can send us their poetry, we wouldn’t have an issue publishing it because we got real fans on facebook and our website, we don’t pay for keeping this family because generally families don’t pay each other to build bonds and stay together, it’s a relationship of love and respect. We are looking for the same. The mic is on your court, grab it, make use of it, and send us your music. The time is now.



Written by Nayab G. Dawood @Naboolad