Hip-Hop Appreciation Week


The Temple Of Hip Hop has been celebrating their 14th Annual Hip Hop Appreciation Week from Monday of May 14th 2012 through Sunday May 20th 2012 with the theme this year being LOYALTY! First announced by The Temple of Hip Hop in 1998, Hip Hop Appreciation Week unites the Global Hip Hop Community around its principles of Peace, Love, Unity and Safely Having Fun. So despite the sometimes irresponsible handling of hip-hop in mass media, Hip Hop Appreciation Week acknowledges the original intent of Hip Hop and urges those who work in any area of media to upgrade their presentation of productive Hip Hop music, movies and writings to the public.

The Temple Of Hip Hop is an International Hip Hop Preservation Ministry, Archive, School, and Society (M.A.S.S.) founded by the Teacha “KRS ONE”.  Get with the program and follow them on Facebook & Youtube if you a real Hip-Hop head!  Check out the 1st Annual Las Vegas Hip Hop Celebration & Awards Ceremony by The Temple of Hip-Hop and Hip Hop Roots hosted by none other than J Khush, representing that South Asian (Desi) Hip-Hop movement!!