HarasS – Bhagat (Independence Day)

HarasS is a new and upcoming rapper from New Delhi who is trying hard to spread his music but is not compromising on his integrity. His latest single ‘Bhagat‘ is one of his inspiring works.

bhagat singh mahatma gandhi harass

His track Bhagat is an honest attempt to increase awareness about the condition of our country regardless of the term ‘Independence‘ and also throw light on one of the greatest martyrs of our country, “Bhagat Singh“. There is obviously tremendous scope for improvement in terms of content, flow and production but I give him full marks on the attempt he has made. It is good to see young emcees trying to focus on such issues and not go for weak or irrelevant content.

I have been in touch with this artist and genuinely he aspires to bring change in society by consistently delivering a message through his music. I sincerely hope his future projects get better as per the above mentioned parameters. Check out the track right here :