Happy Birthday I-Sick! *New Single*


Today is I-Sick‘s birthday! June 27th. Oddly enough, it is also my sister’s birthday, but for her’s I had to give her a gift. Today, I-Sick decided to turn the tables and give us all a gift on his birthday. If only everyone in the world was like him, I would’ve gotten numerous gifts from my friends on all of their birthdays all year round!

Brooklyn’s Finest!

And, what a wonderful gift it is – A dope single to celebrate his rap skills. The song has a very ‘New York’ feel to it as the New York rapper reps Brooklyn to the fullest. I grew up listening to a lot of New York Hip Hop – the likes of legends like Nas, Method Man, Big Pun, Big L, Jay Z, of course the Notorious BIG among many others. So, for a Hip Hop fan like me, this song is a breath of fresh air, and I-Sick killed it like a pro! He carries on the tradition like his New York predecessors and showcases his lyrical talents with a sick flow to make it one of the hottest tracks out of New York that I’ve heard in recent history.

New Album Coming Soon

I-Sick & Ah Murda coupled with other Blazin Annex musiciansDee Corter, BangGully – to put out a brand new album. It is currently being recorded and put together, and is almost ready for a summer release. Be sure to stay tuned for that. If a new album is not a good enough reason to ‘LIKE‘ this post, I don’t know what is! As we await the album, here’s iSick’s birthday gift to us.

Listen to iSick – Scary Movie (Remix)