Haji Springer teams up with Marty James!

Haji Springer is on the move, again!  What would most artists do after a collab with Bohemia?  Probably go tell all their friends and family.  What does superproducer/rapper Haji Springer do?  Get back in the lab and go make some more hits.

Marty JamesWhile the video for Haji’s collab Bohemia, Preet, is being finalized, this past weekend Haji’s Twitter and Instagram revealed he was back in the studio for few days with mega songwriter/singer “Marty James”.  He is well known for writing hits for artists like Snoop Dogg, Sean Kingston, Akon, Enrique Iglesias and list goes on…We are looking forward to hearing what these are cooking up in the lab stay tunes we will have more exclusive insight on this collabo soon for yall.  Check out some of the latest work by Marty James: