Haji Springer Hits Bollywood with ‘Shake it Saiyyan’

The Desi Hip-Hop movement is in full swing and Haji Springer keeps the train moving through Bollywood! This California rapper can now be heard on the song “Shake it Saiyyan” featured in the Bollywood flick Rascals.

The soundtrack has been produced by Vishal and Shekhar and Haji was invited by the producers into their studio. We asked Haji Springer to dish and the details and he was more than willing. Haji was in India in December 2010. While working on productions for a number of labels, Haji met Shekhar. The meeting left a good impression on Shekhar and before Haji knew it, he was in the studio with musical geniuses.

The studio itself had taken Haji Springer a back as he recalled all the hits created in the space and tells us “the vibe that day was very special.” Haji shared some of his music with the producers and headed home. After some time, Shekhar called Haji telling him that his beat was used to create a smash. With added lyrics and a few messages back and forth we are now being treated to “Shake It Sayyian.”

As it is said and how Haji leaves us, “the rest is history!” Lisa Haydon, Ajay Devgn, and Sanjay Dutt bring the Rascals song to life. The track is an item song for clubs and parties and now it’s a matter of time before we see it hit the top of the charts.

Congratulations Haji Springer on your Bollywood debut, we can’t wait to see more!!