Haji Springer EDM Release Party

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Haji Springer’s been spotted tearing it up at one of San Francisco’s top spots celebrating the release of his latest EP – Electronic Desi Mafia. The album was released last week, on June 18th, and causedquite a stir among listeners. The new album’s got everything needed for an intense night out, and a real gem for DJs all over the world. “There’s so much energy we put into it. And there’s so much energy coming out of [the album]. It’s great music for everybody.” said a celebrating Haji Springer. And why not, he has all the reason to be turnt up celebrating at a club where the likes of Blake Griffin and Amir Khan celebrates their wins.

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The West Coast Rapper and Producer has been making huge waves in the scene with his brand for quite some time now. The artist worked with platinum artist such as Baby Bash and Paul Wall; and took it a step further when he worked on Sanjay Dutt’s movie ‘Rascals’. With the new album, he’s looking to get noticed by an even wider array of audiences, and fans. “I’m about to change the game, and make sure a lot of new fans start hearing about my music,” mentioned Haj during a recent interview with DesiHipHop.com.

If you haven’t heard EDM yet, you haven’t yet joined the party. But if you did get a chance to grab a copy, you already know why Electronic Desi Mafia is one of the hottest summer party albums out there!