Haji Springer EDM (Electronic Desi Mafia) is “WET”

Haji Springer EDM (Electronic Desi Mafia) is “WET”

Haji Springer aka Bollywood Springer drops “WET”. Haji has always been on the cutting edge and now he’s taking it to another level with E.D.M.


E.D.M to most stands for Electronic Dance Music, stemming from the Electronica genre in the 90’s re-popularized by the recent Transformers movie soundtracks and now brought onto the club floors infused with HipHop and other influences. But now Haji is pushing it to new frontiers with the release of “WET” by his new outfit, “Electronic Desi Mafia”. We heard the video for “WET” is under production and caught up with Haji to find out what it’s all about:

The concept of this video will kind of be like charlie and the chocolate factory but at a car wash and overall just bugged out.

Car wash, hot moms, little midgets, candy shop…oh my! Be on the lookout and go listen to “WET”.