Guru Lahori & Rush Toor Drops Drake’s Fear Remix


Guru Lahori & Rush Toor Drops Drake's Fear Remix

Are you a Drake fan? Better yet, are you a fan of Black Eye Galaxy’s Guru Lahori and Rush Toor? Then, this track is perfect for you cuz you’ll get both!

Enough of my cheesy intro to this article. But, the point being made is Guru Lahori and Rush Toor teamed up together to make a dope remix of Drake’s Fear. This remix is like their rendition of the track in Punjabi (and English). Both of the artists went hard with their verses and impressed me with their flows.

LISTEN to Guru Lahori & Rush Toor – FEAR (BEG Remix) 

We’ve all heard Guru Lahori and Rush Toor in the past year a number of times through all of their releases. They’ve been impressive with their delivery and brought a new dope Punjabi flow into the mix. With this track, they showcased how well they work together and how effortlessly they can express themselves.

Be sure to stay tuned for Guru Lahori’s next single – which is about to drop by the New Year!