Gurbax’s electro funk spin on Ain’t No Sunshine


Bill WithersAin’t No Sunshine is timeless, the sentiment behind it, his voice and the way the tune moves people, everything about it is classic. A legendary song by a legend, it’s been remixed by many. Kunaal Gurbaxani aka Gurbax’s new mix offers newer perspectives of the song explored through his sounds.

Gurbax started his journey in Bengaluru playing guitar for punk and thrash metal bands, eventually moving to Atlanta for further studies thus also adding another another dimension to his musical tastes. He discovered bass-music and his love for it. The transition was smooth, both genres being on the heavy side; Gurbax since then has come a long way as a musician/producer, performing with the likes of David Satori (Beats Antique) and Steve Aoki among others.

His sounds are an infusion of electro funk, hip-hop, bass, vintage retro and they all pop on the remix. Gurbax’s desi trap tune Boom Shankar made a mark online. With 121K listens on soundcloud, his follow up song Get It ft. Wazulu also garnered much appreciation from his followers. Gurbax has been a part of festivals in India after he returned here from Atlanta; his inspiration for this remix goes back to 2009 when his love for soul and electronic music started taking shape and pushed him to experiment with the sounds that moved him. From thrash metal to electro-soul-funk, Gurbax’s journey reflects in his music.