Gucci Mane Reads ‘Sweet Tweets’ – Reacts to Fan Love

Gucci Mane‘s ‘Everybody Looking’ will be a No.1 album on the Billboard R&B/HipHop chart. His latest release is loved by his fans & Guwop is happy about the kind of response he is getting.

After making an impressive comeback last month, rapper Gucci Mane got showered with Sweet Tweets from his fans. Gucci Mane read sweet things his fans had to say about him on Twitter and replied with his thoughts.

One of his fan wrote, “If Gucci Mane was a chicken nugget, he’d be a saucy boneless wing.” “The clearly amused rapper responded with a few laughs before saying, Damn sure, I’m spilling sauce though so I can see where you get that from.”

Check out the second part of Gucci Mane’s ‘Sweet Tweets’ here.

There is one fan who really can’t decide what she is excited about the most, birth of her new born baby or the release of Gucci’s latest album, “Gucci Mane is releasing an album the same day my baby is due… Not sure which one I’m more excited for.” Guwop’s response? “Wow. Maybe she’ll name that baby Everybody Looking.”