Green Street – “New Beginnings” A song with a deep meaning

I ran across ‘Green Street’ recently, and their music touched a chord that rarely gets touched unless I go to a Ryan green-street-the-will-to-win-2Gosling movie with the other half. But, on a serious note, these guys are extremely talented. No doubt. I’ve heard a few of their songs and I’ve been impressed by all of it. It’s a group of three rappers – A-Live, Soupa and producer, Renaissance. Two of the three group members were diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses in the winter of 2012, and that changed the lives of the artists forever. With their life threatening situations, their outlook on life is one that is inspirational. These motivated artists have the will to live, love, and keep on pushing. Their movement made me question my existence as well, and I began seeing how limited our time with our friends and family really is. It’s definitely the year to get sh*t done and make dreams come true. Check out their music video below, and share your thoughts with us. Be sure to share their story and support their will to win.

Green Street – New Beginnings